03 December 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Sometimes fate throws a curve ball for the better. Before Georgia came into rescue she was being valued as a street corner commodity and bound for the first home that could pay in cash the fastest. Thankfully one of our rescuers happened upon the scene and did a street-corner-adoption on the spot.

As quick as her curb-side rescue, you cannot help but fall in love on sight with Sweet Georgia. This love-hound is a healthy kiddo who greets life with enthusiasm and gains admirers everywhere she goes. She is a beautiful girl and is a friend to all. Smitten instantly. While she has befriended all of her 'big dog' foster siblings, one in particular is her best buddy. Beefy, her foster mom's 90+lb. puppy boy is her all time favorite pal. They are truly a pair and it is too funny to watch as their friendship has developed. Love and play has no size boundaries apparently with these two! They are quite the pair :: playtime, nap time, treat time, toy time, love time...always as a duo.

While Georgia is enjoying her time in a wonderful foster home, she is truly ready for her happily ever after ending. We know she'll find her forever home --- a good one with all her puppy advocates standing behind her! Until then, welcome, Georgia, (we know one four legged 'team member' who is particularly happy with your arrival!)

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