29 March 2010


This is Drew. An extraordinary pup requiring just a little out of the ordinary care.
(This photo captures his spirit. No narrative needed. Just happy and hopeful.)

This fellow. Sweet Drew. He's kinda like social glue. First he captured his foster mom's heart, next our veterinarian, add to that every admirer of his in between. This guy's a real wonder-mix. Drew is one special boy. He recently went to the vet's (winning all his admirers of course) and was diagnosed as having cherry eye. Cherry eye is a non-threatening condition and he can be scheduled for surgery in May, which should make him good as new! He can still go home prior to his surgery. Despite his cherry eye, his vision is unaffected and he makes no issue of his eye condition, remaining not the least bit self conscious. We're hoping to find Drew a family who can really see the true Drew :: a lively and lovable spirit.

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