05 December 2008

Timmy's Rescue, One Lil' Waif at a Time

Inspiration comes on many levels, sometimes it comes through a wagging tail and four paws. Timmy’s Rescue, One Lil’ Waif at a Time is a story of devoted love, commitment and finding unexpected purpose. It is a true story highlighting shared experiences, often humorous and daring. This book celebrates the incredible bond dogs and humans share. Timmy’s story takes any animal lover on a remarkable journey of how he continues to influence the lives of so many. In spring of March 2002, the doors of one suburban family household opened its doors to create a safe haven for homeless puppies. Now, six years later, this book chronicles the story of Lil’ Waif Puppy Rescue and their journey into the mission of rescue.

(We have run into a glitch with our publishing company, so currently the book is being redrafted and our timeline for publishing has been pushed back.)
We promise to let you know when it's ready! - UPDATE - 11/04/09 - It's here! It's ready now!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I can hardly wait for this to come out! Keep up the wonderful work! You are a blessing for the animals -- and their new families!

The Border Collies said...

Rebecca! This is great!
We are so excited for you and the rescue!
We can't wait to see it in print on our coffee table :)
God Bless.
Mike and Marian

Connor Donovan-Dobb said...

We are looking forward to having this book for our home. We will read it to Connor!

Laurie said...

I am so proud of you! You have followed your heart in writing Timmy's Rescue. So many others will be inspired by your book and of your mission. What a BLESSING you are to the animals, the homes that open their hearts to the love of an animal and to ME!

Marcie G said...

No matter what depths your heartstrings pull for dogs, you will be remarkably touched and forever changed by this story. The raw emotion and the tender words spoken take you on a journey where you WILL NOT be able to put this book down.