18 December 2008


Lights. Camera. Woof.
-Movie Stars in the Making!-

(Carter enjoying a snow day!)

With less than six days till Christmas the holidays are upon us.

On holiday, Lil’ Waif’s to-do list is as follows:

1. Reading wonderful updates from the furry ones we love…
2. A chorus of new squeaky toys for all.
3. Holiday cookies for canine and two legged ones alike..
4. Puppy-proofed holiday decorating! (still…a work in progress.)
5. Lil’ Waif’s holiday check-in!

We have exciting news this year about a special project we have been working on: Lil’ Waif has gone to the media hounds! : Book publishing that is. Our short story of our venture into rescue work will soon be available. Meanwhile you can preview it here. We cannot wait to share it with our extended Lil’ Waif family – you and your furry ones remain a part of rescue afterall.

Now with the recent hype of the Golden Globe Award nominations, we couldn’t help but wonder if such a ceremony was open to canines that some of Lil’ Waif’s pups would be shoo-ins as award worthy 'canine-dates.' While their work may not be hitting the Hollywood box office anytime soon, if only famed actors knew to watch out for such talent. Here comes the next Charlize Theron…well, okay, maybe the next Airbud.

The votes are in and here are the movie stars in the making who made Lil’ Waif’s 2008 nomination list. Happy Viewing!

- Best Original Photo Picture -
Super Cass – When the day’s exploration is done, Cass is a one-of-a kind wonder pup! Who says heroes can’t come on four paws? View

Embodies the spirit of Live. Love. & Smile. Being a movie star includes endearing spirit! View

Terrier Tots – Hmmm, could be stand-ins for Jim Henson’s muppets, er, even reprise a role as chimpanzee perhaps? View

Carter – the pup who captured everyone’s hearts! Rescued with his mom and seven siblings he flew all the way from the flooded plains of Kansas. Carter was the last to leave, but no more deserving of that
remarkable home and by that time Lil’ Waif was completely smitten. Truly the ultimate, adventure buddy! View

Nicki – she’s not just another black dog… Nicki was anything but ordinary, she is extra-ordinary! Her favorite tune and solo improvisation: by the Monkees, “I’m in love…Oooo… I’m a Retriever.” View

Lucie – Lil’ Waif’s Cinderella! From wags to riches kind of story... It’s finally a dog’s life for Lucie! View

While we check in with you and share silly holiday fun we know the real award goes to the celebration of our cherished companions. Here’s to hoping you are bundled up and staying warm after a day of romping in the snow.

May your holidays sparkle! Wishing you a blessed and peaceful New Year.

Sending a doggie pack of holiday cheer!
Happy Howl-i-days from Lil’ Waif!


don said...

Boswain aka finn says yea what great photo album of my litter mates aka terrier tots please feel free to use the photos that i have sent you i would love to see updated photos of every body and hear how the tots are training their humans.

happy holidays

thanks finn aka mr. too cute boswain

erin and don
orcas island wa

froghair said...

Hello, Lil' Waif! I am so glad I found your blog! I am Finn's (nee Gabe) mom (adoption in May, 2006). Finn has grown into a very handsome dog -- we get compliments everywhere we go. You can see many photos of him at my blog. I'm looking forward to reading your book!

Auntie Tine said...

Those are Ruby's litter mates in Terrier Tots as well! I forgot how different they all looked than her! She had a great second birthday last week.

Christine & Ruby