04 November 2009

A Fall Find! From Waif to Wonderful

When we checked in last, we told all of our wonderful Lil' Waif followers to stay tuned. While that update seems like a long time ago it is finally the right time to rally up announcements and e-blasts of a special delivery. Creating this book was both a wonderful and challenging experience and we are excited to navigate the new adventures post-publishing will bring.

Timmy’s Rescue: One Lil’ Waif at a Time is a true story about finding inspiration and gifts of friendship. Now, when people ask, "Just how did you get involved in rescue?" this story, can be our answer... Watching our book evolve while patiently wading through the publishing process has been a worthwhile venture and now we're ready to share it. It's done! It's finally here. Time to spread the word and begin our adventure into the book-world; we're excited! We hope you are too.


Anonymous said...

You folks at Lil Waif are amazing Thank you for all the blessing's you have given to us. Congratulations on your new book can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

wow! published! awesome. looking forward to the read! trey (AKA luey - born in sept 2007, adopted by us in nov 07) the wonder three-and-a-half-legged dog is doing well! obnoxious as all get-out! AND thinks he rules the roost, but definitely NOT disabled. nothing the laddie can't do! we love him so! oxox. good luck with all!

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to read my copy of the book. We truly love Riley & Lady Byrd (AKA Joel, adopted 8/10/2004 & Lady Byrd adopted December 21, 2007)they have made our complete. Thanks for all you do! Rebecca Holexa

Joyce said...

great book!! congrats! wendy, i totally remember luey. i watched him on the site a lot, and was so happy when he was adopted. i'm glad that he's doing great!

dvdogs said...

The book is so fantastic! LilWaif is such a blessing to people and animals alike. Thank you for all you do!

Anonymous said...

As someone whose life is the happier for the loving efforts of Rebecca Kizanis and her family, especially daughter Evangelynn, I was intrigued to read the story behind Lil Waif Puppy Rescue.

When I found what looked to be my perfect puppy through Pet Finders, the on-line service, I began a very gratifying and professional experience culminating in getting a most cherished companion.

My pup was featured with great skill, sensitivity and creativity. The application process told me that these people were serious about wanting good homes for their charges and when I picked up my pup, I felt the love and devotion abounding in every aspect of this family operation.

This small book packs a wallop. It is about awareness that animals are suffering right under our noses. It is about ‘just doing it’, following your heart even when the path and its destination is uncertain. It is about walking our talk about compassion and dedication to the needs of our world. It is about discerning precious individuality in each one of the many. It is about working with the people you draw into the process along the way. It is about persevering even though despite every effort sometimes things don’t work out, as with Timmy. It is an example to us all.

Geoff Hoare, Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the book! I enjoyed every minute and cried at the end...I'm buying a book for my mother-in-law...another dog-lover like me. Thanks for sharing all of your efforts and stories.
Sheri Chance-Wiggins

Kim Carney said...

I thank you guys for our little Pixel. She is the best! Exciting news about your new book.

Kim Carney

Mike Johnson said...

Fantastic book, was not ready for the ending... Well written. Great motivation your are mos def dedicated to this rescue. I am impressed with your dedication.


Mike Johnson said...

Your book was fantastic, a great read. Was not ready for the ending though, kinda snuck up on me. Your book is quite inspirational I must say. I also think what you are doing for these animals is amazing. You have a big heart. You must go around the clock..