17 December 2009

Happy 'Pawsengers'

All the way from Kansas with Love.
Lil' Waif's puppy nursery welcomed the Kansas 7 yesterday.

 The flight was a success after some unexpected frenzy at pick up but the real winners are the seven new faces who will begin their search for forever families. Such transports, usually go without a hitch, so we couldn't be more thankful that the "...no, we're certain. these are not our puppies!" puppy-mix-up-during transport was solved! Thanks to all involved on each end from L-worth, Kansas to Seatown!) That said, it was a big day for all.

These kiddos were rescued from an overcrowded shelter and immediately went into an exceptional foster care home with their Beagle mom Lucy (who has found her home for the holidays!) We couldn't be more pleased and are thankful for the wonderful people we get to meet and form relationships that extend beyond rescue work. We are lucky to have found such a wonderful and equally devoted team of pet rescuers to work with. It's obvious the quality, hands on care these guys and gals received; their happy dispositions, loving natures and ability to greet all new admirers with enthusiasm definitely shows!

Meanwhile, here at Lil' Waif, we're a busy crew. The rescue's energy dynamics have been raised to a whole new level! One that includes loads of synchronized tail wagging and puppy loves.

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Mel Williamson said...

Merry Christmas...wanted to let you know that Pip (one of your Yakima litter, from 8/09) is doing so well. She's a very personable pup, described as the 'star pupil' of her puppy training class, and getting along well with our 8-year-old Lab mix, Loa. We are so happy to have Pip in our lives. Hope all is well with you--wishing you a happy, healthy holiday and New Year.