16 February 2010

Speaking of Love...

Maybe you were one of the singletons searching for love this Valentine's Day or perhaps you were one of the many celebrating with very significant others or a love of friendships, a love of family, a love of life! (okay, and just maybe that might have included dark chocolate and flowers...) But this same notion of finding love is something Sweet Calla has always dreamed of.

Calla has lived her two, young years of life as a reservation dog. Free spirited? maybe, but a life without real connections or knowing what being a cherished companion truly means. Calla is one well-mannered love and we think you'll agree if you meet her that she's a natural at it. This beautiful girl is ready to play with the best of them and act as a ready and willing adventure partner and equally excited to be welcomed into a home with a couch that has her name on it. Calla is as sweet as her name implies, she's ready to love, love, love.

I think we can all learn a lot from Calla, a girl who knows how much it would mean to find genuine love.
Her dream come true.  

Click here to find out more about this gem of a girl.

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